Bushnell Tour Pro x7 Golf Rangefinder – A 2017 Review

Bushnell Tour Pro x7 Golf Rangefinder – A 2017 Review

Bushnell Tour Pro x7 Golf Rangefinder Review

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One of the most popular new rangefinders of 2017, the Bushnell Golf Pro X7 Rangefinder has been changing the game for countless passionate golfers. Showcasing new standards in accuracy and technical competency, it is quite a competitive piece on the market.


But does that make it perfect?


In this review, we’ll cover the basic specifications that make this rangefinder stand out from others in its industry. We’ll also give a few pointers for use, as well as highlight the pros and cons of this newest device by Bushnell. An accurate review can determine whether or not the Bushnell Golf Pro X7 Rangefinder is worth its price.


Features and Uses


This Bushnell device claims to be the most powerful rangefinder in the world with laser technology. It is accurate to the � yard, making it great for those who wish to aim for more professional yardage. It grants a more speedy delivery than its predecessors and sports a 7x magnification capability. Not to mention the HD Optics technology installed, helping you to see much better in any kind of weather condition. If none of these features present themselves correctly on your device, don’t worry, because there is a 2-year warranty provided upon purchase of this Bushnell piece. It is simple to get accurate yardages and longer range capabilities with a device like this.

Pros of the Bushnell Golf Pro X7

· The interface is easy, with smartly-placed buttons and contrast capabilities to see during day and night.


· This Bushnell piece gives a longer range, better � yard accuracy, and speedier results so that you aren’t left waiting.


· It has been proven to improve the accuracy on any kind of range.


· It is completely waterproof.


· The unit will vibrate once you’ve locked on to your flag.

Cons of the Bushnell Golf Pro X7


· The size is slightly larger than other Bushnell units or even some competitors on the market.


· It can be costly compared to smaller and more affordable rangefinders.


· It may not be as accurate during stormy or foggy weather conditions.

Final Verdict


It has been claimed repeatedly that the Bushnell Golf Pro X7 is a must-have for any frequent player or wannabe professional. The superior accuracy, speed, and magnification capabilities are just too good to pass up. Plus, there are an array of bonus features that can really give you an edge in the game, such as the waterproof battery compartments, Vivid Display Technology, and an easy-to-access menu. Not to mention its superior range of over 550 yards, making it almost impossible to not lock on to any flag. You will greatly improve your game with a device like this, and, while it may not be as affordable as others on the market, this is a great rangefinder.

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