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Best Places To Visit in Belize

Best Places To Visit in Belize

Just south of Mexico, this English-speaking Caribbean Getaway has a lot to offer tourists who are looking to lay on the beach, hike through thick jungles, or even explore ancient Mayan ruins. This small country is packed with activities and adventures that can accommodate any kind of traveler. Here are the best places to visit in Belize.

Water Adventurer

If you long for the Sun, the sand, and the ocean, the coast is full of beaches one after the other that has the usual water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing and a lot more. When scheduling your beach activities, make sure to make adjustments in your timetable for a trip to Belize Barrier Reef where you will find the Great Blue Hole.ambergris_caye1

The Barrier Reef is a 300-meter series of coral reefs by the coast. Many tourists visit the reef system for snorkeling and diving especially the Great Blue Hole which made its way to the top 10 diving sites in the world. The Hole is a giant sinkhole that formed when the water level was low and eventually flooded when the water rose again. Divers have been attracted to this dive site because of its crystal clear water and exotic underwater wildlife.

Culture Adventurer

If watersports aren’t your thing, do not get disheartened; from the ancient to the current, the Belize cities will prove to be an adventure on its own. The trip can start in the largest city of all, Belize City. On its own, it is still the cultural center of the country and has a lot of cultural attractions. While in the city waiting for your transportation going to the Mayan Sites or the Sugah City, take the time to visit the Belize Zoo and the wildlife sanctuaries such as Crooked Tree.

Once out of the city, prepare your hearts and mind to gaze upon the most mysterious civilization – that of the Mayans. You will get to see the ruins of this ancient civilization and even take part in the Orange Walk which is in Belize’s sweetest district. Here you will find the historic pyramids, ball courts, and a possible site for religious sacrifice.

Green Adventurer

For those tourists who would want to stay on dry ground outside the crowded cities, Belize is a great destination for outdoor enthusiast with its rich lush jungles, vibrant eco-systems, and exotic wildlife. There are tons of protected location like Shipstern Wildlife, Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, and Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. These protected areas have a lot of tourist spots such as a butterfly aviary, a botanical trail, museums, and bird and wildlife watching. In this lush location you can also find caves and waterfalls like the Hidden Valley Falls which is considered as one of the best in the world. The Hokeb Ha Cave and Tiger cave can be reached by swimming through a pool of cool water after the 20 minute hike from the Blue Creek. There were ceramics found inside the cave which lead people to think that it was used mainly for ceremonial purpose, now, visitors will only find stalactites and stalagmites filling the chambers.